CNC Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

One of our most impressive cutting machines has no blade, but makes clean, precise, cost-effective cuts with water. The waterjet cutting systems at ForTech pressurize water into an intensely powerful stream that easily slices through all sorts of materials.

Welding / Brazing

Our welding experts have the experience, the ASME Certification, and the equipment to do the job right at our site. Our Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welders, Microwire (MIG) welders and stick welders help us serve all your welding needs.

CNC Plasma Cutting

ForTech’s computerized double table plasma cutting system can slice through steel up to 1” thick. The addition of 2 oxygen/propane cutting heads increase our capacity to 6” thick steel. It’s Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC), so your precise specifications can be met with the utmost accuracy.

Fabrication / Assembly

This is where we bring it all together. We select, purchase, size, bend, form, cut, weld, braze, polish, fit, and assemble. It may sound easy, however, it requires experience with a difficult, one-of-a-kind project that ForTech has in order to truly master the art.


ForTech has everything you need for light gauge work to 1/2″ plate cutting, including our Accushear 1/2″ x 10′ hydraulic shear and our heavy-duty Cincinnati mechanical shear. For smaller tasks we have a variety of jump shears, notching machines, and power slitters.

Forming / Bending

Our power plate rolls let us roll up to ¼” metals. We also have power beading machines and several hand rolls and roll formers. Our 12ft. long Niagara 230-ton hydraulic press brake can perform the heavy-duty jobs. The addition of a 10 ft. L.V.D. 7 Axis 150-ton hydraulic press break with sectional quick change tooling and off line programming has substantially enhanced our forming capabilities.


ForTech has a complete conventional machine shop in house that consists of vertical and horizontal mills, lathes, surface grinders, hydraulic and pneumatic taping systems and custom tooling, to assist and provide turn key projects.


What gives ForTech our reputation and sets us apart…


Prompt response to inquiries


Competitive quotes


No job is too small


From design and production to assembly


Superior quality workmanship


Our vision goes beyond us – we’re focused on you!