CNC Abrasive WaterJet Cutting

Abrasive waterjet cutting utilizes a high velocity coherent stream of water and abrasive that can be used to cut almost any material. Water at 40,000 to 60,000 PSI, accelerates through a sapphire, ruby or diamond orifice. The stream passes through a mixing chamber where a vacuum, created by the stream induces the abrasive into the stream. The water stream accelerates the abrasive as it passes through the nozzle. The stream exits the nozzle as a three phase mixture at a high velocity, focused to impact the material to be cut. The material is removed as microchips with negligible effects on the material. The speed of the cutting head alone with the water pressure determines the quality of the cut surface. Abrasive water jet cutting does not have any heat affected zones and in fact tends to stress relieve the cut part.

ForTech uses abrasive waterjet cutting as its primary CNC cutting system. Its accuracy and diversity make it the primary cutting system for our company. ForTech can also waterjet cut without the addition of abrasives for nonmetallic and softer materials adding to the diversity of this process.

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